Christ Temple Church of Personal Experience

About Us


Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. (2 Timothy 2:15)

Study of the Word of God is an important component to our growth and development as disciples of Jesus Christ. We believe that the Word of God is a living, organic document which teaches, admonishes and encourages those who seek its guidance.

Along with reading the Word of God, prayer to the true and living God is vital.  We, at Christ Temple  continue to pray without ceasing, and we make mention of you always in our prayers. (Romans 1:9)





Sunday School 9:30am

Praise and Worship 10:45am

Divine Worship 11:00am

Children and Youth Church 11:00am

Youth Service every 3rd Sunday


Prayer 6:00 pm

Bible Study 7:00 pm


Christian Discipleship Class (New Members) 6:30pm


External Communion Prayer 1st Thursday at 12:00 Noon


Youth Choir Rehearsal 2nd and 3rd Friday 6:30pm


Christ Temple Choir Rehearsal 10:00am




It is the Mission of Christ Temple Church of Personal Experience to:

  • Put God first; humble ourselves; pray without ceasing
  • Preach the Word of God with conviction and compassion
  • Provide a warm and welcoming refuge for those in need of spiritual healing and help
  • Provide spiritual counseling and education for those seeking a deeper understanding of God's purpose in their lives.
  • Evangelize and witness the Word of God to all nations without compromise or favor.
  • Exemplify through daily living, the fruits of faith and the reality of a personal experience with Christ.
  • Provide for the physical needs of the poor, the elderly and the infirmed with care and compassion.
  • Prayerfully seek methods to address issues of youth violence, domestic abuse, crime, substance abuse and other ills of society and particularly as such negative influences affect poor and marginalized communities.
  • Serve as a beacon of hope to the lost in our community as we seek to reconcile the lost with God.
  • Draw young men and fathers to membership in our church, demonstrating the positive impact of Christ-centered men upon our society