Christ Temple Church of Personal Experience

Rev. Dr. W. Frederick Fisher


On Watch Night 1932, Rev. W. Frederick Fisher, Evangelist and Director of the International Gospel Party opened revival services at Columbus AME Zion Church in Boston, MA. People came from surrounding churches to hear Dr. Fisher preach about the power of the Holy Ghost.

Rev. Oddous Barber asked Dr. Fisher to come to Christ Temple Pentecostal church located on what was then 7 Northfield Street (above Estelle's Lounge) to speak at a service at the church.

After making several visits to Christ Temple, Rev. Barber and Dr. Fisher decided to work together. In October, 1942 both men were led by the Lord to stand together and enter a fellowship  ordained by the Holy Spirit and called "The Church of Personal Experience."  Like the early church mentioned in the Book of Acts, more than 100 souls were saved and  many joined and entered into this Spirit-led body that day.

The Church of Personal Experience continued to worship at 7 Northfield Street until the church body marched on Palm Sunday, 1946 from Northfield Street to 28-30 Kenilworth Street, Roxbury, MA. Christ Temple Pentecostal Church was already chartered with the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World  (PAOW). Eventually Christ Temple Pentecostal Church relinguished its charter with the PAOW and became Christ Temple Church of Personal Experience. The church received its charter in 1949.